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B E H I N D   T H E   L E N S


Hi there! I am Amanda! Lover of all things Harry Potter, books, animals & of course photography! I am based in Conesus, NY but LOVE to travel for the perfect photo op! I became interested in photography at a young age, taking photos on a disposable film camera that you'd take to CVS to get developed. Slowly but surely the camera progressed and so did I! I had a canon power shot that was HOT pink, several others in between and eventually worked my way up to a Canon R10. There is never a moment I don't have the urge to take photos. (Trust me on this one, I have over 20,000 photos on my phone alone!) 

It is something I am truly passionate about. 

I created my mark as Amanda Steele Photography in 2013 when I officially started to pursue this as more than just a passion. It started with senior photos of friends and family, then moved on to all subjects from there. The first time I delivered photos to an official client and seeing their excitement of the final product was the best. 10 years later and I still get just as excited to see my clients reactions. It truly is the best. 

I am a mommy to an amazingly smart, witty and all around adventurous little boy, Karter & a wife to my person, Michael. These two keep me on my toes, and I love every minute of it!  

Working with you, I will be able to direct and help with posing, but also love those candid shots. They capture the raw, real moments. I want to create images with you that you will look back on and be just as obsessed as the first time you see them!  Let's create some memories!!


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